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Help Your Mount Ida Student

Family and Friends

You play a critical part in encouraging and supporting the career development process of your family member.  The Career Center exists to equip your family member (and you) to make the most of Mount Ida opportunities and resources.

At the Career Center we encourage students to explore and understand their strengths, interests, and values and consider where these overlap to help them find an internship, job or career they will do well in and enjoy.  The sooner students start to reflect on the relevance of their Mount Ida education their lives after college, the better. We want to partner with you to make your family member succeed.

Here are some guiding principles that you might find helpful:

  • Encourage your student to start building experience early (and often) throughout their college career.  Work on campus, internships, research, leadership in clubs and organizations, and volunteer work can all develop core skills and competencies as well as experience that employers and graduate schools want most!
  • Create space for your student to explore their purpose, interests, and skills while cheering them along the way.
  • Help your student investigate possible industries, job functions, and even companies or organizations by introducing them to people in your network.  Help them understand the value of an informational interview and encourage them to practice professional communication in the process.
  • Explore with them the many avenues they can take on their career path on this helpful site: What Can I do With My Major?
  • Keep informed of career-related events and recruiting opportunities on campus by bookmarking this website, following us on Twitter and our Facebook page
  • Sign up to help other students by becoming a job shadow host or offer your professional
  • Hire an Intern, Post a Job, and Recruit!
Two students relaxing on the bench on a cool Autumn Day
Family and Friends

Be A Key to Student Success

Find out about more resources or additional ways to be involved on campus as family and friends of a Mount Ida student.