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Office of Student Success

Student Achievement Program

The Student Achievement Program (SAP) is a fee-for-service support program open to any student who is interested in working with a learning specialist to meet their academic and personal goals. Annual fees to participate in the Student Achievement Program cover the costs of private academic coaching sessions with an on-campus learning specialist. Fees are in addition to tuition, room and board and/or course fees.

SAP offers strategy-based tutorials that focus on developing skills in the following areas: study skills, reading and writing strategies, time management and organization, stress management, self-advocacy, memory and concentration, social skills, career preparation, and health and wellness. All tutorials are provided in the format of standing appointments, with one-on-one instruction administered by an experienced, professional learning specialist.

First-year students typically meet with Learning Specialists two or three times each week for 50-minute sessions. Returning students may choose one, two, or three weekly tutorial sessions, depending on their need. Students who participate in SAP report that they value the additional structure and support that are provided by the program. In addition to one-on-one meetings, students are encouraged to attend SAP’s academic strategy workshops, which are offered throughout the semester.

For more information please contact the program director Kristine Fringer at 617-928-4655 or kfringer@mountida.edu.

Enroll Today!

Students interested in the Student Achievement Program must complete an enrollment form and submit it directly to the program. Enrollment is based on space available. Early applications are encouraged.